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EST. 2017

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A Note from the New Owner

Lunchsox family,


It's a pleasure to meet you and I'm truly honored to have the opportunity to carry on the great work of Lunchsox inspired by founder, Rebecca Lyons. A public health veterinarian by training, I'm also a fiber farmher and proud owner of the Happy Bottom Homestead near Ames, IA, where I live with my menagerie of furry, feathered, fibered, and buzzing critters including alpacas, sheep, goats, chickens, ducks, dogs, cats, a pony, and honey bees. There's never a dull moment around here!


I'm excited to continue carrying on the Lunchsox mission of selling exceptional, natural fiber socks to fight hunger. I am equally as excited to be shifting toward locally sourced fiber from small farmers and using locally-owned fiber mills for processing to ensure a high quality, sustainable product that celebrates and supports small businesses and artisans from farm to foot.


As the new owner of Lunchsox, I'm thrilled to be able to combine my passions for fiber animals, small businesses, natural fiber socks, and helping those in need all into one place. Thank you for your patience during our transition and I look forward to your continued support. Be sure to follow our Instagram and Facebook pages to stay up-to-date on our progress!


Kristen Clark



Bagel Sandwich

Where the Profits Go

2021-22: This year's hunger-fighting sock profits will be supporting Farms for Orphans (FFO). FFO is working to alleviate food-insecurity, malnutrition and poverty in vulnerable children in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) through the introduction of scalable and sustainable farming methods that preserve indigenous traditions of consuming wild-harvested insects, while providing livelihoods for vulnerable women and youth. FFO's CEO and President, Dr. Amy Franklin, is a fellow hunger-fighting veterinarian and beekeeper and I couldn't be more excited to be partnering with her for this important cause.


2020: As the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the globe, hunger became an even more pressing issue both nationally and globally for our entire society, young and old. Profits from 2020 Lunchsox sales supported Feeding America. This U.S. hunger relief organization partners with more than 200 food banks and 60,000 food pantries and meal programs across the country to fight hunger and support a brighter future for those in need. We also held a special sock drive beginning on Small Business Saturday to benefit the student-run SHOP food pantry at Iowa State University.

2019: The Iowa Homeless Youth Center's Rooftop Garden received funding from 2019 sock sales. The IHYC Rooftop Garden helps homeless youth gain practical work experience, all while cultivating food to increase their food security.

2018: Lunchsox partnered with the Backpack Buddy program in Clinton, Iowa to provide meals for hungry school children over weekends. Food security all weekend long means higher levels of focus in the classroom when Monday morning comes around. 


2017: 100% of sock sale profits from 2017 went toward providing lunch (and breakfast) to kids in Chinhoyi, Zimbabwe that Rebecca worked with during Summer 2017 who are orphaned or from families who cannot afford food for their children. The 2017 partner organization is called Life to Life Africa.


Have a meal program in mind?

Send the name, website, and your contact info. to

A Note from the Founder

Greetings! And welcome to the Lunchsox family!


What do you want to be when you grow up? 
It's a question kids, including myself, have been asked since the time we could talk. As a college student who still didn't really know, I posed myself another question: 

WHO do I want to be when I "grow up"? 

Here's what my answer was...

1. I want to be someone who promotes the social good of all people, who puts others ahead of self, and who does what is possible within one inch of influence to love, care, and bring joy to the world. 


In my own school district, in the news, and in communities I've worked with internationally,

I've seen a common need among kiddos - healthy, yummy meals.

Every pair of Lunchsox helps provide meals for hungry kids.

2. As for the "growing up" thing - I don't plan on doing that anytime soon! While I'm no longer childish, I'll strive to be childlike for the rest of my life. (What's the point of stressing and taking life so seriously anyhow?!)

So...that's where Lunchsox came from. I didn't know WHAT I wanted to be, but did know WHO I wanted to be, and since "growing up" isn't for me, I decided what better time than now to get rolling on a business that lets me promote social justice by feeding the world!


Now that I have stepped away from the position of owner, nothing makes me more excited than watching the new owner grow this company that I built.

Thanks for joining me in this crazy thing called life and for making Lunchsox possible!




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